Adult page fling finder review


adult page fling finder review

The adult personals site is as straightforward, easy to use and clutter-free as possible. Access everything you need with one click from either the top bar or your members' menu on the right. They don't run advertising so their isn't the temptation to make the site difficult to navigate in order to generate more advert views.

Of course, FlingFinder understands that singles dating is all about fun! There are monthly photo contests with cash prizes, a fantastic community of sexy dating bloggers and sexy good times in the free video chat rooms. Keep it like that and enjoy the success". Being one that has joined many sites and paid a lot of money out over the years for nothing more than "comp-bots" to show interest , am hoping to finally get to speak to some real people That is if I havent sent them scurrying away already with my profile You do want us to be honest honesty!.

Looking forward to the site filling up. Username Password Forgot password? Australia's funkiest, friendliest new online dating site. The Happiness Handbook it's no secret. Speed dating races to world record. It's Raining Men - Single?

Want to know how to meet more men today? Dirty Weekend romantic holidays to improve you intimacy. An Engaging Affair To Remember. Secret Life Of Men. Join our VIP Club. Keeping Online Dating Real If you've used adult singles sites in the past you probably won't be surprised to learn that many of them generate fake profiles to entice members to upgrade their membership.

They also have very tight counter-measures in place to fight fakers, spammers and scammers. I'll definately be a lifetime member! Not uncommon to log in early evening, have some laughs, have a tonne of fun, and before you know it, it's 5am!

Other than that, no cons come to mind. But, the "block user" function counters that: Friendly chatrooms that feels like a community. Picture contests and member blogs are another way to get your profile noticed.

Not really much of a con if you ask me though ;. Up front about the ratio of male to female members. Being the computer illiterate individual that I am I have found the site easy to understand and navigate, any problems I did have were resolved quickly and without me coming out of it feeling like a complete loser. Not sleazy like a lot of adult dating sites. Good for women too. The chat rooms are great and I've met a lot of cool people on it friends and more. There could be more members in my area rural.

FlingFinder is not a franchise site at all, but an independently owned, completely original Australian dating site. I'm not sure I understand your logic - many sites link to us so we must be a fran I am nearly certain it does not. Might have to resort to using the website - or curbing your horniness - whichever comes first!!! Moritzia replied on May 30, Shaun Swalue asked on Jul 25, The site has currently changed its look and appearance.

I would say its more a singles site but there are profiles indicate they are looking for more whilst in relationships or married. If a trial member I believe you can message a full paying member but not another trial member. I know there are mixed views on the change of the site. Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. It's what you make of it.

Having said that, I did manage to meet two very wonderful women, both of which I am still very good friends with, before coughing up a cent to the site, so there still are options there. One of the most underused functions of the site is the blogs. It is a very good way to put yourself out there to be noticed and even have the girls chasing you for a change , vent your frustrations, share your joys, write a story, or just generate some pointless philosophical discussion.

The chatrooms can vary from being almost over-crowded to being totally devoid of life and everything in between. So it can be a bit of a hit-or-miss feature of the site. Although a bit limited in it's available emoticons, the rest of the functions are quite useful, from being able to block undesirables to choosing who can view ur webcam and the whisper function that allows you to send more personal or sensitive messages to a particular member without having to broadcast it.

One of the members does run a music trivia night occasionally, and there are regular meet-and-greet nights organised in major cities throughout the year. These things are actually run and organised by actual members and not the admin staff, which I think exemplifies this site, there is no feeling of "big brother" watching over you and telling you what to do, what you do or say is totally up to you.

Blogs - Close-knit community - if you're outside that community or you have different ideas you can be outed fairly quickly. Write a review on ProductReview. This is the most real site I have ever come across.

Since joining Fling my life has changed. I have met people that have become lovers, friends, and confidantes I am truly surprised that my life existed without Fingfinder. I have met the most wonderful people and con honestly say that I would never have found my true best friend without it.

Not only is Fling the best site for true and real relationships.. I have met some beautiful people that would have remained outside my life if I hadn't dived in and taken on board all that fling has to offer. To all the Admin staff and to the owners and developers I am truly grateful. I met a beautiful and truly sincere person here And not just one, but many. Just keep doing what you do best. Fling has changed me completely! The admin team are helpful, responsive and friendly, with quick responses to queries and questions.

Reasonably priced, there is also a trial membership available for you to get a feel for the site before upgrading. Photo's are approved very quickly when added to either folder. Interface is easy to use and there are plenty of help guides available if you get stuck.

A great community feel to the chat room and blog boards, with no topic too taboo for discussion. Any troublemakers are dealt with quickly and fairly, with admin reviewing both sides of the story. Love this site, its helped me open up and become the amazing woman I am today. For anyone that loves to chat or be sexual in a non judgmental environment, I recommend Fling! More than just sex though that's to be had in abundance too!

Been on the site since Feb. Quick, easy registration with trial membership available; all you can do on the site is listed on the tab to your right. Safe and fast route to meeting in person. Site admin is always open to suggestions and replies fast! I've had lots of laughter and more travel than I ever imagined from the out-of-state contacts and about-quarterly drink parties.

As someone who was new to Oz, this is my window to life in Australia. From passing acquaintances to lifelong friends and all the mini adventures in between, I'm experiencing it. Better for Girls that want to chat than guys that want to meet. If you are a guy and dont have a wicked body its hard to get your personality through so it ends up being a superficial site. If you are a girl go for it your ego will thank you as horny boys will give you all the attention you want I cancelled my paid subscription to this site.

It seems to be more of a chat-based social club for young singles than anything else. I have no interest in the inane drivel that fills the chat-rooms, so it turns out to have been a total waste of time for me. I knew chat was available, but I didn't realise it was required - if I had known that I would not have joined. I have not had even one response to any of the 50 or 60 messages I've sent to women whose profiles indicate compatibility.

And when I was checking the chat rooms regularly, I never saw anyone with a compatible profile. When I politely asked in my now-deleted blog if someone in my situation older, married, not interested in chat was perhaps unsuitable for this site, I was a bit shocked and angry at the hostile tone in some of the replies - particularly from a couple of people who seem to be involved in the running of the site. Apparently such questions are not well tolerated on this site. It seems the standard refrain of 'Be yourself' is disingenuous - I think what they really mean is 'Be like us, or get lost'.

Ok, message received, I left. Not exactly the friendly atmosphere people like to say is found there, though, is it? One of the replies did, however, indicate that married members are not likely to get a lot of interest - which was one of the points I raised in my initial blog question. There are some fantastic people on FlingFinder. The chatrooms can become really addictive and you can easily stay up all night chatting.

Im a single mum so its a great place for me to go to after the kids have gone to bed and have some fun. Ive met an awesome guy and ive made a really close female friend that lives nearby that i hang out with regularly now. I recommend FlingFinder to anyone that wants to meet new people and try something new. Loving my time here. Easy to find your way, and if you know how to talk to people, very easy to find a niche within this community, rather than be shelved on yet another site.


Adult page fling finder review

So what makes FlingFinder better than the other adult dating sites out there? Their first defence is to manually review every new profile before it is activated. 28 Sep Check out our Fling Dating Site Reviews. Complete review of the best fling dating website & services available including app sites. 6 Mar Never signed up for fling, but tried adult frien finder. yes I am sure the good reviews are done by the people that are paid to promote the site.

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