Backpage escort escort directories


backpage  escort escort directories

Do not link to any advertising platforms even if you arent advertising yourself. When posting, specify where in the world you are. The legality of sex work varies in different parts of the world. We have no tolerance for oppressive attitudes, and expect accountability for any oppressive behavior. This includes slut shaming, victim blaming, body policing, etc. All members are encouraged to hold themselves and each other to our these community norms and to report any offenders to the group admins.

Backpage escort ads shut down Now a lot of women who had been advertising on Backpage are going to be forced into street prostitution. Unbelievable how short sighted and stupid our government is List of many sites https: Backpage dating section or massage service has been suggested but is not getting the same results. Discussion is also over here..

Silk Road would have been around much longer if it was a general site for all kinds of things, but because it was for drugs and mainly illegal things they went after it. Even though in many places adult entertainment is still legal, it still on a fine line. I just found out too and I'm freaking out this is the only way I have been advertising. Good job to our ducking government they just made things a lot more unsafe in the game.

Go their frickin' 10yr plan to eradicate the consensual sex industry regardless the harm.. I suppose for now those of you who advertise on BP could try posting your ads in the "dating" section, until a better permanent solution arises.

Then try them with "reviews". Then try them with "hobbiest". Look at all the options and make choices from that info. Just becasue the top ad site for massage is X, it doesn't mean that it will work for escorts, and vice versa.

This is not the time to get snobby about hobbiest boards, or reviews. If you have no reviews and used BP for your ads, you have no recourse but to re-introduce yourself to another market.

Don't go to Eros in fear, those local boards can often produce just as good of results without the same costs. And the Hobbiest Boards are where the next winner in the ad race will come from.

In my area, SF Redbook went down and Nightshift ended up being the big winner because they did a site scrape just a few weeks before it went down. That insular community is what drives the movement in your local area. Is this true for outcall only, tho? TER is very active in my area but has been shit when it comes to sending me outcalls. Thanks for the search info. Right now, girls in my area are posting in the dating section and BP added a massage section overnight to their services section.

Outcall is censored on the dating one; I had to use a zero for the O, ex. We will see if ppl actually look in those threads, however. Last night I was so sick when I found out, I had an amazing run last night prior to the shut down. I was hopeful that I was going to make bank this week. So of course something shitty had to go and happen! Add outcall to your search string, but it should hold true for any services you put into it But it is a place to start.

In my area of NC http: I'll certainly be watching to see where they start searching. There are adds in the dating section but i think alot of us are gonna have to go to digital and use twitter for fssw or worse comes to worse sugar daddying with cheap men or the street. Well hopefully all find a way to prosper.

It's a "moral" victory meant to make them look good and to stop something they don't like. Even police are upset. Oh yeah, I mean I know that, but it just doesn't even make sense in the way they try to justify stuff like this. Urgh I'm not even working right now and I'm just so angry over this. The police are upset because it was one of the best tools they had for tracking or looking for people being trafficked or exploited, something that backpage actually helped and complied with.

Exactly what Lazer said. Backpage was the most helpful and reliable tool to stop trafficking and child prostitution. See, both providers and hobbyists will be looking for an alternative. New stuff will pop up once the dust clears. I wish I could create a safe site, overseas, to cater to sex workers. This is so unfortunate. This is what is giving me comfort. I have a bit of a ter presence and reviews. All of a sudden guys are pre booking, saw me on ter or I guess the new sections from BP.

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Backpage escort escort directories

Backpage  escort escort directories You only get 1 first impression and these sites show me they have no clue how to run an IT project and possibly have very little business or IT knowledge A good website takes a lot of planning. Exactly what Lazer said. New Escort directories are popping up everywhere! When posting, specify where in the world you are. This is a personal blog, and sex workers are literally dying because of what has happened - this is not a game, and you're not making quick bucks off us. A Dallas based premiere companion. 6 Apr If this icon is included, they also have a section for male escorts. a) Unlike many brand new directories popping up in the wake of BP's. 7 Apr Classifieds site was seized by the FBI on Friday, taking the site down. is known for its adult escort listings. Brought to you by вElite Miami Escortsв- the most prestigious escort agency in South Florida. Travel to (Continents). USA. Знакомства Comes backpage com .