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I'm Kristen, Friends say I'm bubbly, refreshing, sparkly, sweet Kinda like lemonade I suppose? With a dash of lime. His replacement as Liberal leader and Premier was John Fahey whose government secured Sydney the right to host the Summer Olympics.

Like Wran before him Carr was able to turn a narrow majority into landslide wins at the next two elections and During this era, NSW hosted the Sydney Olympics which were internationally regarded as very successful, and helped boost Carr's popularity.

Carr surprised most people by resigning from office in He was replaced by Morris Iemma , who remained Premier after being re-elected in the March state election , until he was replaced by Nathan Rees in September Baird resigned as Premier on 23 January , and was replaced by Gladys Berejiklian. The current Governor is David Hurley. The Governor commissions as Premier the leader of the parliamentary political party that can command a simple majority of votes in the Legislative Assembly.

The Premier then recommends the appointment of other Members of the two Houses to the Ministry, under the principle of responsible or Westminster government. As in other Westminster systems, there is no constitutional requirement in NSW for the Government to be formed from the Parliament—merely convention. Under the Australian Constitution, New South Wales ceded certain legislative and judicial powers to the Commonwealth, but retained independence in all other areas.

The New South Wales Constitution says: Elections are held every four years on the fourth Saturday of March, the most recent being on 28 March At each election one member is elected to the Legislative Assembly from each of 93 electoral districts and half of the 42 members of the Legislative Council are elected by a statewide electorate. New South Wales is divided into local government areas.

The state has two fire services: There is some overlap due to suburbanisation. The estimated population of New South Wales at the end of September was 7,, people. As of the census , the principal ancestries of New South Wales's residents are: Sydney was home to almost two-thirds Passage through New South Wales is vital for cross-continent transport. The majority of railways in New South Wales are currently operated by the state government.

Some lines began as branch-lines of railways starting in other states. For instance, Balranald near the Victorian border was connected by a rail line coming up from Victoria and into New South Wales. Another line beginning in Adelaide crossed over the border and stopped at Broken Hill. Major roads are the concern of both federal and state governments. Kingsford Smith Airport commonly Sydney Airport, and locally referred to as Mascot Airport or just 'Mascot' , located in the southern Sydney suburb of Mascot is the major airport for not just the state but the whole nation.

It is a hub for Australia's national airline Qantas. Other airlines serving regional New South Wales include: It also has a ferry service within Newcastle. Spirit of Tasmania ran a commercial ferry service between Sydney and Devonport, Tasmania. This service was terminated in Private boat services operated between South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales along the Murray and Darling Rivers but these only exist now as the occasional tourist paddle-wheeler service.

The NSW school system comprises a kindergarten to year 12 system with primary schooling up to year 6 and secondary schooling between years 7 and Schooling is compulsory from before 6 years old until the age of 17 unless Year 10 is completed earlier. Between and , schooling was only compulsory in NSW until age Primary and secondary schools include government and non-government schools. Government schools are further classified as comprehensive and selective schools.

Non-government schools include Catholic schools, other denominational schools, and non-denominational independent schools. Typically, a primary school provides education from kindergarten level to year 6.

A secondary school, usually called a "high school", provides education from years 7 to Secondary colleges are secondary schools which only cater for years 11 and The NSW Education Standards Authority classifies the 13 years of primary and secondary schooling into six stages, beginning with Early Stage 1 Kindergarten and ending with Stage 6 years 11 and Eleven universities primarily operate in New South Wales.

Sydney is home to Australia's first university, the University of Sydney founded in The Australian Catholic University has two of its six campuses in Sydney, and the private University of Notre Dame Australia also operates a secondary campus in the city. Outside Sydney, the leading universities are the University of Newcastle and the University of Wollongong. Armidale is home to the University of New England , and Charles Sturt University and Southern Cross University have campuses spread across cities in the state's south-west and north coast respectively.

The public universities are state government agencies, however they are largely regulated by the federal government, which also administers their public funding.

Admission to NSW universities is arranged together with universities in the Australian Capital Territory by another government agency, the Universities Admission Centre. Primarily vocational training is provided up the level of advanced diplomas is provided by the state government's ten Technical and Further Education TAFE institutes.

These institutes run courses in more than campuses throughout the state. The state can be divided geographically into four areas.

New South Wales' three largest cities, Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, lie near the centre of a narrow coastal strip extending from cool temperate areas on the far south coast to subtropical areas near the Queensland border. The Illawarra region is centred on the city of Wollongong, with the Shoalhaven , Eurobodalla and the Sapphire Coast to the south. Tourism is important to the economies of coastal towns such as Coffs Harbour , Lismore , Nowra and Port Macquarie , but the region also produces seafood, beef, dairy, fruit, sugar cane and timber.

Skiing in Australia began in this region at Kiandra around The relatively short ski season underwrites the tourist industry in the Snowy Mountains. Agriculture, particularly the wool industry, is important throughout the highlands. One of the widespread fungi is Witch's Butter Tremella mesenterica. The western slopes and plains fill a significant portion of the state's area and have a much sparser population than areas nearer the coast.

Agriculture is central to the economy of the western slopes, particularly the Riverina region and Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in the state's south-west.

Regional cities such as Albury , Dubbo , Griffith and Wagga Wagga and towns such as Deniliquin , Leeton and Parkes exist primarily to service these agricultural regions. The western slopes descend slowly to the western plains that comprise almost two-thirds of the state and are largely arid or semi-arid.

The mining town of Broken Hill is the largest centre in this area. Rainfall averages from millimetres 5. Summer temperatures can be very hot, while winter nights can be quite cold in this region.

Rainfall varies throughout the state. The climate along the flat, coastal plain east of the range varies from oceanic in the south to humid subtropical in the northern half of the state, right above Wollongong.

Along the southern coast, rainfall is heaviest in winter due to cold fronts which move across southern Australia. While in the far north, around Lismore , rain is heaviest in summer from tropical systems and occasionally even cyclones. The climate in the southern half of the state is generally warm to hot in summer and cool in the winter. The seasons are more defined in the southern half of the state, especially as one moves inland towards South West Slopes , Central West and the Riverina region.

The climate in the northeast region of the state, or the North Coast , bordering Queensland , is hot and humid in the summer and mild in winter. The Northern Tablelands , which are also on the north coast, have relatively mild summers and cold winters, due to their high elevation on the Great Dividing Range.

Temperatures can be cool to cold in winter with frequent frosts and snowfall , and are rarely hot in summer due to the elevation. Lithgow has a climate typical of the range, as do the regional cities of Orange , Cooma , Oberon and Armidale. Such places fall within the subtropical highland Cwb variety. Snowfall is common in the higher parts of the range, sometimes occurring as far north as the Queensland border.

On the highest peaks of the Snowy Mountains , the climate can be subpolar oceanic and even alpine on the higher peaks with very cold temperatures and heavy snow. The Blue Mountains , Southern Tablelands and Central Tablelands , which are situated on the Great Dividing Range, have mild to warm summers and cold winters, although not as severe as those in the Snowy Mountains.

The highest maximum temperature recorded was This is also the lowest temperature recorded in the whole of Australia excluding the Antarctic Territory. Since the s, New South Wales has undergone an increasingly rapid economic and social transformation. New industries such as information technology and financial services are largely centred in Sydney and have risen to take their place, with many companies having their Australian headquarters in Sydney CBD.

Coal and related products are the state's biggest export. Tourism has also become important, with Sydney as its centre, also stimulating growth on the North Coast, around Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay.

The output of these is anticipated to be able to power up to , homes. Agriculture is spread throughout the eastern two-thirds of New South Wales. Cattle, sheep and pigs are the predominant types of livestock produced in NSW and they have been present since their importation during the earliest days of European settlement.

Economically the state is the most important state in Australia, with about one-third of the country's sheep, one-fifth of its cattle, and one-third of its small number of pigs. Wools are produced on the Northern Tablelands as well as prime lambs and beef cattle. On the central slopes there are many orchards, with the principal fruits grown being apples, cherries and pears.

About 40, hectares of vineyards lie across the eastern region of the state, with excellent wines produced in the Hunter Valley , with the Riverina being the largest wine producer in New South Wales. About half of Australia's timber production is in New South Wales. Large areas of the state are now being replanted with eucalyptus forests. This change was named "The Domestic Stock Right" which gives "an owner or occupier of a landholding is entitled to take water from a river, estuary or lake which fronts their land or from an aquifer which is underlying their land for domestic consumption and stock watering without the need for an access licence.

The National Parks Association was formed in to create a system of national parks all over New South Wales which led to the formation of the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Throughout Australian history, New South Wales sporting teams have been very successful in both winning domestic competitions and providing players to the Australian national teams. Sydney is the spiritual home of Australian rugby league and hosts nine of the 16 NRL teams: A tenth team, the Newcastle Knights is located in Newcastle.

The state is represented by four teams in soccer 's A-League: Australian rules football has historically not been strong in New South Wales outside the Riverina region.

However, the Sydney Swans relocated from South Melbourne in and their presence and success since the late s has raised the profile of Australian rules football , especially after their AFL premiership in The popular equine sports of campdrafting and polocrosse were developed in New South Wales and competitions are now held across Australia. Polocrosse is now played in many overseas countries. As Australia's most populous state, New South Wales is home to a number of cultural institutions of importance to the nation.

Australia's largest opera company, Opera Australia , is headquartered in Sydney. Both of these organisations perform a subscription series at the Sydney Opera House. Other major musical bodies include the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Sydney is host to the Australian Ballet for its Sydney season the ballet is headquartered in Melbourne.

Sydney is home to five Arts teaching organisations, which have all produced world-famous students: New South Wales is the setting and shooting location of many Australian films, including Mad Max 2 , which was shot near the mining town of Broken Hill.

The state has also attracted international productions, both as a setting, such as in Mission: The state currently has 6 sister states: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the historical region of Canada, see New Britain Canada. For other uses, see NSW disambiguation. History of New South Wales. Government of New South Wales. Demographics of Sydney and Demographics of Australia.

The Sydney central business district is Australia's largest financial centre. A portion of the eastern end of the Newcastle foreshore. Transport in New South Wales. A Sydney Waratah Train approaching Flemington. New South Wales and its highways. Record of School Achievement.


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