Escorts near me locanto girls Victoria


escorts near me locanto girls Victoria

I love what i do. Hope to play with you soon or anyone else for that matter. It would be my pleasure. Has anyone done a milk maid session with evie?

When will she be available for one? I reckon ya got a secret crush on her. I book other girls but will no doubt book Lea again when I feel like it. It was an amusing situation and was nothing personal at all. Your just grasping at air. Sweet to know Ive seemed to be on your mind for such a looooooong time. If my live streams ruin the fantasy of sex workers for you I highly recomend not watching them.

She is a great pickup for the lodge. Sounds like you have lots of choice and some real gems in there atm but it would still Ben nice to know what I am squaring myself up for! Some of us are a little shy and hate using the phone and this blog can be a bit choppy. Just ask her periscope viewers, i heard she once made fun of a client who came into the brothel who happened to be a dwarf.

So calling Lea a cunt is an insult to cunts! Lola is back regularly again, she is built for sex and her service never disappoints. She is always friendly and I always have a great time with her. She also has enormous tits! Went in looking for Brooke but was told she was not known by current manager and the crop of girls that were on.

Does anyone know if she still works and if so, where? Is sexy Jasmine still there? I rang to make a booking with Celia for this Saturday but was told she has now taken a break for a couple of months.

That is great for my wallet but bad for my balls, girl has the THE best bod in the business and I have seen a lot of them! Please allow me to reply to what may only be described as an utterly moronic and nonsensical essay.

Seriously, you need to shower way more than your alleged amount of showers. Jumping under running water does not constitute a shower. I commend you on the money you make — bravo! If your regulars are foolish enough to drop their money on you smelly arse I am being literal then great for you. A sucker is born every minute — but please stop insulting the readers on here by writing your own reviews praising how great you are!

You are under the delusion that you are some wise philosophical poet, who has some kind of insight. Are you eluding to my feelings being hurt, or my dissatisfaction about you as a person and service provider? Tell us all about hurting butts, I am curious as to that obsession?

Or is it a lack of ability to express a coherent thought? Never been with Leah but she sounds too gronky and rough, good luck to her regulars.

Looks like lea nights is leaving good reviews of herself to balance out the bad ones. Highly recommend Lea Nights. Had such a good time I ended up extending my booking. Can not recommend Lea highly enough.

But generally a wet one! If you want extra you pay extra. I am never going to shame a client into paying extra. I lay it out there, if you want it.

Although with your fucking charm……………. I average showers a day fuckstick, did you even use soap when you saw me or did I make you get back in?

Is that why your pissed? The fact that you took the time to write this tells me: Your butt hurt with no life and nothing better to do during these holidays but be your miserable self and as such feel the need to spread your misery to someone else. My many regular clients seem to find me less cunty than you…. If you had anything to actually criticise there you would, but instead you have resorted to two yr old insults.

Mate, totally agree with your comment on Lea Nights. Never would recommend her to anyone. There are other wonderful ladies like Jody, Ava, Jess etc. Absolutely fantastic service and worth your time and money. CL does not escort so when and how did this supposed recording take place?

Very unlikely that the girl would put her own image on the net as well so it all sounds a little weird to me. After I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment.

There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service? Had a fantastic booking in there on xmas eve. Cant stop thinking about it, will be back for sure. That crazy blonde has not worked at CL for a very long time. I think she was too crazy even for the sex industry. What a disappointment and overrated person you are; both as a sex worker and as a human. Your service is underwhelming, and your attitude is less than underwhelming. You are a cheap person, and a cheaper root!

Your hunger for a quick dollar is just disgusting, you would be better served working the streets that working in a bordello, the turnover would suit you much better. You insist on the hygiene of your clients, though your hygiene is questionable a proper shower and some deodorant would go a long way. She has worked at CL under the name Michelle a while ago and goes also by the name Grace. She has a spy camera and films all her clients and posts it online for monetary profit.

She is such a darling, your time and money would be well spent in visiting her. I know you quite well. I just wondered if it was someone I used to know that it took me a while to recognize. I should have gone up to them. Thanks 1st time, I know who you are you were a pleasure to meet! Who was that blond girl two Thursday afternoons ago who left with another girl? She kept looking at me and smiling as she left. I was sitting in the lobby. In need of a nice dick to play with and get my rocks off on.

Also have a new toy i would like to experiment with. It was my first time in a brothel this week. I stayed with a young lady called Leah. She laughed at me for booking the most aggressive girl there, but in truth she did make me laugh when all I wanted to do was leave I was so nervous.

She actually made me feel like she liked being with me! She is very similar to me in that standard service is sex, oral on you and a hookers version of a massage, you want extra you pay extra. This is the hustle industry! If confusion happens try not to get salty and shit all over our ladies, we work hard to smile politely while the vast majority of clients fail to listen to what we do offer them, then book us based on what they WANT us to offer, only to get on here and spew you frustration over our site.

Jasmine is the hooker equivalent of a thug. She keeps talking at me, bullies me into staying with her. But I felt hustled, got kicked out early cum once gfe or not to find Leah down stairs introing and made a speedy get away.

The last time I was sore from all the laughing we did. Odette has not been in the place of late so I stayed with a lovely new lady called Jackie. Very nice and built for sex, had a great service, she loves her work. Hey guys Raunchy Ruby is back today Sunday 25th November All fired up and ready for a nice dick to rise to the occasion.

Been to long feeling like a born again virgin. Wow, wonderful blog structure! How lengthy have you been running a blog for?

The entire look of your web site is magnificent, let alone the content! Please contact me directly for prebookings on eviemelbourne gmail. See you real soon. Do you have a lady with very long hair around butt length with a big boobs?

Tried to email you at the info crystallodge. The new girl Adrianna offers a great time. She looks nice and has a great slim body with great arse and legs. Ethan I would enjoy teaching u a trick or two. Virgins are one of my specialties. I also have toys to play with if your looking to explore that option. My service is all about the person im in the room with and i go at their pace.

Otherwise you can organise your booking with me directly via Twitter. I had read reviews about Ivy and went in to check her out for myself and was not disappointed. She is polite and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I payed for her deluxe service and it was worth paying the extra. Fantastic service, will definitely be coming back for more. First time at Crystal Lodge this afternoon. Spent an hour with Ivy, guys do yourself a favour enjoy this wonderful woman.

Pay for deluxe service — you will not be disappointed. Went in last night and was very impressed with the lounge Halloween decorations , someone went to a lot of trouble as it looked really good.

Your atmosphere at CL has changed hugely as the girls there are all polite and well mannered and there is a heap of new faces now in the place.

I notice a lot of new and young girls have replaced all the old boilers that used to work there and the fact that I had to park out in the street is evidence of the increased business the new girls attract to the place. For the sake of us customers keep up the good work getting new girls. If your after a booking with a girl who gives it her all and sexy as hell Evie is the one your after. Jade and Emma are 2 very attractive dark ladies in that place. Both young, both got great bodies and how the fuck did they both end up at your place at the same time when other places are crying out for dark girls.

Both seem very happy there so you are very lucky. I had such a grate time with her. She sucks good d What days she work? She was waring red. Meaning no disrespect to any of the ladies in your house but who the FUCK would give any of their private and personal information to a girl that they pay to spend a short period of time with for sex?

That is just crazy and asking for trouble. I am a regular to the house and stay with various girls but we never exchange more than minor pleasantries and which sexual position I would like to try. My experience is all the girls are very nice but also exercise restraint and caution when it comes to the exchange of general banter and they are correct in doing so. My experiences are always professional and satisfying. The staff at your place are very friendly and helpful, its great to walk into a friendly and clean environment, so many other places are very dark and dingy, your lighting is almost perfect and the sound and visuals in the lounge are great as well as the comfortable couches.

You have to know personal information to pass it on mate… I only turn on clients that push my boundaries. Girls generally talk to one another about bookings if there are issues in those bookings, if this is your problem with me, stop seeing sexworkers.

I have a shit memory and I honestly forget most of what you say before the door closes behind you on your way out. I enjoy my job and Because of my memory am generally brutality honest. So fucked up, sorry, not sure ur specifics, but feel free to get your feelings hurt when I say my service speaks for itself as do my clients whom continue to see me. So take your butt hurt self to some other hooker and let them deal with you.

I would highly recomend Evie, Lola, Jasmine, Odette on the weekend Jodie, Ceilia if you can catch her or Ruby, all give a great service all are extremely friendly and all would welcome you into thier arms! Shame coz shes hot, always the best looking ones who are the craziest though eh. I see her for a reason.

All it does is make me not want to book this lady. Near blew when notice she got wet from sucking me. But I ring and no one knows when shes on? I had not been to crystals lodge for so long but went in Friday night and was shocked with all the new and young girls working there, the place has changed staff big time, heaps of new faces and very pretty young girls. I booked an older lady called Leonie coz the younger girls were being booked.

I have to say my time with lea was more than great. The best time I ever had. She is very friendly and provides excellent service. It was my first time CL but I will be visiting CL plenty more times as the girls there are very friendly. There are heaps of good comments about Ruby, what are the days she is at CL so I could visit her?

I have to say my time with lea was the best. She is very friendly and provide a great service. This is my first time visiting CL and for sure I will be visiting CL plenty more because all the ladies are very friendly. There has been very good comments about Ruby, which days does she work at CL so I could visit her? You wont find a better BDSM kink fetish speclisit in the north! See her before she leaves Melbourne for good last chance guys!

So glad ruby is back been waiting impatiently as she is the only girl i know there that loves her job. Also has the sweetest pussy i have tasted in some time.

Seriously, I got wet reading that comment. She told me it was her hobby not a job. Hope to see you there! Similar to having your car washed or having it detailed. Its a very simple process! Considering these women are exposing themselves literally to potentially awkward, dangerous and unscrupulous clients on a daily basis just remember this: They get to set the rules. We the clients must respect the boundaries and appreciate the nature of the game.

These comments below regarding the extras working are charging are disgraceful, disrespectful and genuinely concerning. Personally, I take my hat off to these women who decide to work in an industry that means having to sometimes live a double life due to society frowning upon the industry, difficulties in maintaining long term relationships not always true but certainly harder and physically and emotionally taxing nature of the hours, clientele and job. This extras crap getting stupid.

Met Lea for the first time last night, what a worker! Ivy has the biggest boobs in the place and they are natural. She is very young and quite pretty and she also has a great personality. I stayed with Ivy for the second time this week and left very happy again. Definitely will be coming back to book her again. New girl jasmine is also one to look out for. Who are the busty women at Crystal Lodge? What names should I keep an eye out for when they are working? Jasmin and Simmy are 2 new girls in the place, both young and pretty, I booked them both and both provided a good service.

A lovely new girl called Jasmin was there on the weekend, I stayed with her and she was great. I recommend her to erveryone. See you all in October. From 12pm till 6pm.

It is great to see some nice young ladies working there again. There is generally a good selection when I go in these days. Had the pleasure of spending time with Ivy today… She is very seductive and sensual, passionate, fun and overall great company.

I was somewhat reluctant to give her such a good review for want of a better term as I may find she ends up being booked out every time I plan to visit her CL! I also have to add that the establishment is clean, quiet and well equipped and the receptionist was pleasant too. Hats off to all who work in the industry and genuinely enjoy the job; thanks for providing a pleasant experience.

Congratulations for having 2 of the nicest receptionists I have met during my many visits to your type of places. In recent weeks I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie and Donna and as they were both so lovely and polite I needed to give them a mention. So many other receptionists at other places snarl and can barely speak civilly so it is so nice to meet a couple of lovely ladies in your place, the girls were all very happy and polite as well, I stayed with Jenny and what a time was had, I will be back for sure.

Do the ladies love to titty fuck because I sure do. Looking to come and play with some of your girls soon. If you are into young, busty and curvy girls then I am the one for you! My name is Ivy and i offer a genuine, intimate, passionate GFE. My favourite service to provide is one that is relaxing, sensual and authentic-I love kissing, touching, cuddling, caressing and pleasing my partners.

I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you! Is there an email msg to send a question privately? Is Kat still working there as I have phoned several times only to be told she is not currently on the roster.

She gave me a great time when I last stayed with her. Was disappointed that I only had two girls to pick from today. I had the best and most relaxed time in your establishment the other night, the manager was so polite and friendly, the place was clean and smelled really fresh and I spent time with an older lady named Ruby and she was full on, her service was excellent with no hidden costs, the whole thing was great. I highly recommend the place. Please Roy, just what all working girls want is to post pictures of themselves on the net for family and friends to learn what they are doing!

Roy- check out Twitter. Some of the girls have seperate accounts to which they post to. However due to the nature of our profession. Also I have some questions directed to clients from civilians, If anyone ever feels like answering one or two let me know.

The stigma of this industry does not just stick to workers.. But if guys plan on using their comments to spew out entitled shittery. Then I will always gleefully type away and try and correct a fucked up social view that we are here to be used and abused for whatever cash you want to throw our way. Because that is NOT how this works.

Like I said in my monster of a post is that we work hard here, and over a decade our clients have only become more entitled of our bodies and services we provide. And our pay has essentially gone down!!

We truly do encourage more interactions here. Seriously, ask as many silly questions as you want. Just expect that if you want to type like a fuck tool. I will reply to you like you are one. I gotta admit I have had some great times in that place over the years, not every time has been a total winner but its like going to the footy, not every game is fantastic but I still love going. Until someone creates a better option I will still visit the girls at CL.

Did anyone worry about getting HIV? Maybe I am the fucked up one here, but who the fuck does research on porn, I do agree with this Ahmad dude, sounds like the upset guy has gotta get himself a life and stay off the porn sites! To Mr Disappointed, CL is sorry your visit was not what you expected but it does happen sometimes, sex and the human element can be difficult at times. Book so and so then. Cos I aim to get clients that will actually have a great time with me!

Now listen up shit for brains. Now you clearly booked her knowing all this and you have then chosen to complain on here like a fucking fool. Ahmad is compleatly right all your comment does is point out how much of a life you DONT have, and what kind of cretin you really are. As workers we share our bodies with you. And I gotta say over the last ten years or so you guys seem to be less and less aware of how physically and emotionally taxing this job is to do well, and demand more personal services as inclusive and standard or at the very least try to haggle the price down.

In ten years workers have not had a pay rise yet our clientele have become more demanding entitled and rude! Fuck cunt, maybe we should ALL be charging the extra hundy! This rant is aimed at Disappointeed and entitled arsefucks like him. If your gonna pay extras book Leah she will at least give you something for her extras. I would be embarrassed to print such a comment. The poor girl probably realised she was in the room with a sick pervert! I leave on top of the world every time.

Ripped off alright but sounds like it was your own fault. I see that worker in there regularly but never had any interest in booking her, other ladies offer a great service and charge the standard prices. Most places allow girls to charge extra money for their services but its up to the we the customer to pay or not pay. I would just like to warn other guys about Monique.

Well said Big Rick. Most blokes will pay whatever for a slab of beer but then try and quibble over the price to have sex with a lady, an actual human being. But need advance warning as I have a strict timetable. That girl puts the most effort into pleasing her customers than any girl I have ever stayed with and I have stayed with heaps over the years.

She is a credit to the Crystal Lodge and she does not charge extra like so many girls are always trying to do. She is also very pleasant to talk with. I noticed that the old dark haired European lady that worked at the lodge for years has finally retired. It was about time, she was a very nice lady but fuck she was in the place for years.

Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Why did the Chicken cross the Basketball Court?? Because it heard the Umpire was blowing Fowls!!!! Did you hear the one about an industrious prostitute , who had a vagina surgically implanted on her hip??? You fuckwits that want to know the prices really crack me up. If you need to know fucking prices then you probably cant afford to go in there and have a fuck.

Do you fuckwits ring Coles and ask the prices before you go shopping? Do you ring the local servo and ask the price per litre before filling up? By the way the little African lady called Emma is fucking goregeous. Contact directly for Milk maid sessions only a few spaces still free or for prebooks appointments As was mentioned in an earlier post.

It is not feasible to put a weekly roster on the web site due to our ladies being unpredictable at times. Crystal Lodge has the original Jody!!

I see your website needs some fresh posts. For those that are not aware, I entered this industry specialising in threesomes and group sex Anyone who has seen my various lesbian orgy porn shoots will know how much fun we are likely to have! Some times I offer once off deals on certain shifts with different ladies. Hi Lovelies, just letting you know that I am ready and eager to warm you up on this cold Sunday afternoon!

When is your next shit? I understand that rates and a roster might be helpful. I update who is on when I can and prices are listed often on the feed. Only to interact with the girls who I have been encouraging to sign up for as it is a great way to communicate before bookings and also great for sexworkers to meet and befriend other sexworkers.

A roster is not quiet feasible at this time on the web site, as it is constantly changing and updating a web site roster would just be too much hassle for management and fustrating and confusing for the clients. So listing the ladies on Twitter is fine for now. Again, thanks for not being crap about it. I will be at the lodge this weekeand. Lea Nights, i love your brutal take downs and feisty attitude, not to mention your fantastic service.

I dont see why girls should have to take shit from Mr fucktard and your response reinforces my opinion of CL as the best establishment in so far as keeping a clean, safe, fun respectful service for girls and clients alike. However… i must say i agree a little bit regarding the website.

The comment feed is great and like you say, provides an insight into the girls and a feedback for clients. I understand why you dont want your pictures all over it like cheap porn.. It would be good though to have 1. A roster, or rough daily guide of who is working 2. Is she coming back I miss her naughty ways. I mark my soap in my room. And just so you know I see that as a sign of disrespect and will nolonger be asking clients to get back in the shower.

And then grabs my face and tries to kiss me. Come on guys, get ya shit together. Shower properly, use soap. Book the girls that actually offer the services your after… Not a hard message to sink in. Learn it, live it, love it! Our website gives you a sence of who we are, clients opinions on the ladies they have stayed with.

The only people who complain are idiots like you who come to these sites to surf the hooker pictures. Your an insect, but luckily for us it seems, as your not in our area. Stay in Seaford ya dick!

Do blokes look for the brothels with the best web sites or the best girls working in them. Times have definitely changed. Odette offers a great, clean time if you can get in during the day. She does put in a fair effort and plays even harder if you put some effort into her. Fuck yeah, I got sick of ringing too so I just went in there and fucked Ava for an hour, oh by the way its 9.

Riana, Jody, Odette, Ava, Leah, Jade, Evie, the girls I have stayed with in the last few weeks, everyone of them gorgeous, everyone of them gave a great time. Am currently a little low on funds but will get to the rest when I am flush again. A brothel I go to in Seaford is the best site I have been on and visit when I travel that way for work. Spend some money you tigh-tarse and your business might grow!

Check this site…this is how you do it professionally: I still prefer the lodge over the other places around, its always very clean, the girls are clean and straight, good managers on the desk, no drugs, overall quite a well run premises that is slowly regaining a very good selection of girls.

And the girls always seem happy as most appear to stay there for a very long time. Jodie is one fucking hot milf. I notice all the elderly women are gone from the Lodge, even the old Spanish women that was there for years has gone. There has been a massive change of staff in the last 6 months or so and not before time I might add which means the 2 owners are rubbing their hands together all the way to the bank, again!

I agree with Paul, she looks very young and very pretty. There are a couple of new and young girls working there at the moment. I could not get a carpark there on Saturday night.

I booked her twice now and very happy with each booking. This Emma is not the old chubby Emma. This Emma is about 18 years old, very beautiful and petite, she is also black and looks very, very young. Again I beg you, please, just stop in this creepy attempt at stalking a Sexworker whom is clearly avoiding you.

Anonymous — the lady your looking for would be Jeniffer. Had another session with lea. To the anonymous dude who cums fast , I feel the same. I have found that Jody knows exactly how to handle this situation. She slows right down which is still fucking hot and I will book her for 2 hours!! She is stunning to look at and sooo sexy in bed — I totally recommend her to any guy for any fantasy , she is a total babe!! Mon 15th may till 9pm, Tues 16th day shift and Wednesday 17th day and night shift.

Looking forward to catching up with you all. CL needs more girls like Ava, she is so nice and polite, beautifully groomed and such an asset to that place. Full Protected Service Booking Rates: She did quit the biz but reports are that she is very happy in retirement and wont be back. She would be too old and content to be preggo again. Mizz Jordan, an ice junkie, std ridden and generally fucked human being, who fucking cares what you have to say.

Last I heard you were not allowed to return to CL so why think anyone gives a shit about what you have to say? Unfortunately i have a verrry busy schedual that will consume my time till then. So ill be back before you know it: Cant wait to see you again sex buddies!

But you all took the words straight out of my mouth lol. Nothing more to say. I have never been sacked from an establishment for having an std. Attention superior man, little man syndrome, sexless wanker. We do not tell you or anyone else what to do so what gives you the right to dictate to others about their life choices.

How would you feel if someone told you employer not to pay you for your skills, time and effort for your services, just because we dont agree with your choice of work. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion,however its uncalled for to dictate ways upon others. Run away little boy and take a good long hard look at yourself and grow up. Who the fuck stepped on your Dick and then did the the twist? Did your mummy not hug you enough?

Honestly, just stick to fucking yourself. Project your shit onto others much? The marital honour of going to sleep unfinished as you fall asleep snoring while we get to sleeping in the fucking wet patch?

And something else, who the fuck are you to judge our fucking clientele? The vast majority are lovely gentelmen who for some reason or another choose to par take in our services. So yeah, go fuck yourself! Just a quick question though. Do have this hatered for other trade professionals? Or is it strictly just the sex industry? You sad judgy moron.

The old male receptionist is an arrogant pig and should be sacked. These bitches are getting thousands of dollars to just get fucked and pleasured! THINK you pathetic fuckwits! Jerking off is not pathetic.

Spend your money on far better things. Hi guys; availability update ; will be in tommorow saturday 5th from 12pm till 8pm, and i just had to throw this is again…. Remember she is a professional and once she clocks on its time to go to work! Not much different to any other occupation really. Stayed with Lea Nights again the other day. Very energetic, and while I just go for the standard she makes me feel as tho I had paid for the extras!

Came in today and got a fantastic service from Evie Alexander. She is a true professional. Made me feel comfortable and took care of all my needs. Very charming and intelligent. Guys if you are looking for someone special i would highly recommend Evie. I got a question to other blokes..

Just come in and get ya dick played with. That post by walking wallet was obviously ment as constructive criticism. We have a bunch of different ladies here atm and your sure to find the service your after.

You can only ask and we can only say yes or no. But please be aware that if you come in with a bad attitude you might not find what your looking for. I personally screen my clients in that intro. EVEN if they want to book me. Fun times take two or sometimes three or four so cheer up mate. But after reading these comments and the drama I think I might reconsider. I thought it was as simple as customer pays for 30 minutes, gets off and leaves. The thing I read about only three position changes?

So I feel that sweetness catches more than an ice queen would. For the most part I want my clients returning to me. This is why they DO return to me. Noon till 10pm NEW Thurs 27th: I do make this clear in my intros. If my service was not to your taste, please feel very welcome to book another lady.

Will be in Good Friday from 2pm till around 7pm Pre-booked from pm currently txt to lock in prebooking can stay later if you let me know before 5pm. Spent an hour with Charlotte late this afternoon, must admit that it was a very disappointing experience. Many of us here do. We are all welcoming, and will put you right at ease. His blog appears concise, details his experience with the lady on that occasion, explains his disappointments without laying blame on the girl or the premises.

His attitude reflects the thoughts of many clients who frequent those places when found in similar situations. The girls do a difficult job and most of the time they do it very well, I suppose with such a human element involved there are bound to be hiccups occasionally. This years just flying by! I am new to this. How does it work? Do i come in to talk?

And what are the rates? And who is working? Claims never to have worked before, I believe her as she was so nervous but she is beautiful and only 23 years old.

Her name is Sheila and what a good looker. Extra for bi service. Please call up and check before hand on those days.

Becaause I do have a life, but I will try to be accomodating if I can be. I am a long time CL patient and I hereby state that AVA would have to rate as one of the nicest and sexiest girls that has worked there for many years.

She is always so pleasant and beautifully groomed and her service is excellent. She must be a fabulous asset to the business. Is she coming back? Get a life Greame! Seriously, who cares about the ladies private lives?

Start time may have to be pushed back to 3pm Tues 28th: Noon-Close Yep doing the double! For Milk Maid sessions contact me via email EvieMelbourne gmail. Clients are welcome to ring the office on the day after listed start time to check availability for Non Lactation based GFE sessions.

Predicting when clients come in is like predicting the end of days. Walking Wallet; Thanks for the mention Hon. I get off on them the most. They take a little pre arranging but I love doing it. Well said by the walking wallet. I have phoned the place numerous times asking for Billy and just keep getting told she is not working, what is happening? Thank you Rhymen Simon for the positive feedback. I always aim to please and love my playtime in the room.

Matress gymnastics is my alltme favourite. Thank you Tom for those lovely words. The new lady Jodi is similar in effort to Ruby. I have stayed with both and am happy to book either depending on how I feel that day as either one is going leave me feeling like I just fought Mike Tyson without risking a scrambled brain so I shall see 1 of you in another week or so, that is unless I can afford the both of you!

CL and the sex industry goes on and no doubt CL has new super workers to take their places. They come and they go! The pelvis finally healed after last time Ruby! Lord I did try! She got a tasty tangy bee-vaaaah! Give me a cougar from Crystal every time! The standard vs deluxe has always been a bitter pill for me to swallow, but its their choice to charge it and mine not to spend my budget may not be able to afford that week.

Or the difference in what really should be considered deluxe vs extras or fantasies. My grumble is about the HOW! I have notice the recent increase in the number of girls going this way with their services. Not only do the ones listing off packages sound like bored waitresses but frankly most sound like ticked off bitches.

I never attempted to kiss the lady, she had made her boundaries very clear and I respect that! You have every right to charge what you want above the basics! You have every right to decided what you do in your service!

While I have had a few average times at Crystal over the years they have been few and far between. And it would be nice to see a few more faces in the building looking at you ladies on that one! Nothing the bosses can do on that front But I know the place is run right, clean, comfy and the girls are great. Even those who havent seen cash from me have always been friendly n their own brand of sexy.

Whoever taught Evie how to give a blow job should never have to oay for a drink again. To be admitted into a rehab facility I assume you need to be an addict of some kind..

Fuck off and go elsewhere fuckwit. CL does not do the bullshit site with fake pics of bullshit models and pics of rooms that look nothing like the real thing.

If you want to know about the place then go in and see the real thing. I doubt the owner and girls give a shit what you think! All I got was a page full of silly, back and forth, comments between customers and Sex workers.

Had the misfortune of spending an hour with Lea Nights. Unfortunately it was the most horrid time I have ever had at an establishment. Management would be well advised to refer Ms Nights to a rehabilitation facility. Its no secret that the sex industry is in trouble compared to previous years but I have to say that Crystal Lodge appears to be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in the north.

The girls currently in the place are good looking mostly and very happy, clean and eager to satisfy, unlike some of the other places I have recently attended. Will be in tonight to see Scarlett she is a awesome all rounder and her eyes when she blows you off are amazing.

Oh what a chest it is too. And to all the Nay sayers — looks at Andy Fuck off. The boss wont put up with her type of shit. Had an absolute nutter working there on Sat night but I noticed she did not last long but have seen her working at the opposition a few times and she is fucking mental there as well.

Good to see that CL is sticking with the no drugs or nuts policy. Let them work somewhere else I say. Keep the place clean. Noon-5pm Wed 1st Noon Actually I feel confident enough in my service to make those jokes. From the response of my regs you guys are fucking awesome they feel the same. I was merely pointing out that it was a bit crap of you to ask such a stupid question. These women provide a very personal service in a safe and professional manner.

We also provide those services affordably. Your comment was disrespectful to all the ladies working here. Your continued butthurt responses tell me that You know it was a shit thing to say and are pissed I pulled you up on it. But having said that your life must be miserable to be this fixated on something some random hooker wrote back at you.

So if you feel the need to continue being an arse. You do you boo. The only one butt hurt here is you extra charge no doubt.

You were quick to point that out, a preemptive confession before everyone pointed that out. Always made me welcome.

This guy is clearly a dick. I have had all great times with her. Lea Nights you are threatening a starfish special. As opposed to the sub par service you provide, a starfish service would be an improvement. Glad that you acknowledge that you are overrated, too much self promotion, but a definite lack of class and service.

You may be judging us, just remember that we are all judging you too! Very ordinary services paid for 1 hour and found that I was kinda pushed out after half an hour will not be back.

Those goats are my brothel husbands.. Not just pretty faces. Well, they are easier than an open book test! I am sorry to say that your place has 1 of the oldest and ugliest workers I have ever seen in a massage parlor, she is truly scary BUT I am happy to say that your place also has several of the best looking and sexiest women I have ever seen in a parlor. Also a couple of new blondes I seen the other night certainly helped the image of the place as well.

I noticed no Charlotte! By any chance is Lea on today?. Just chilling in the car park. Please let me know when you are available for personal delivery. Also your post made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to meeting you. Please introduce yourself as Percival Mongo Splintdick because just fucking yes…. Lea Nights reads like one great chick with a fucked up sense of humour, I will have to go in and book her and yes Lea, I still have skin, heartbeat and a normal sized penis and a reasonable wit so hopefully I get into you, whoops, in to see you, before your V-Jay Jay goes walkabout.

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Asian casual sex looking for fuck buddy Had such a good time I ended up extending my booking. They are hiding her from you Al. Will be in esscorts escorts outcall to see Scarlett she is a awesome all rounder and her eyes when she blows you off are amazing. For Sale View all for sale. Will be at the Lodge on these days in August: We both had a really great time. If your gonna pay extras book Leah she will at least give you something for her extras. Please let me know when you are available for personal delivery. I have found that Jody knows exactly how to handle this situation. Does anyone one know what happened to the young chick Summer? There are other wonderful ladies like Jody, Ava, Jess. So you will be able to keep up to date with your favourite ladies! Not kidding, our clients used to thank us for a great time with cold hard cash. Please allow me to reply to what may only be described as an utterly moronic and nonsensical essay.

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Escorts near me locanto girls Victoria If you need to know the price then you cant afford it so stay the fuck home. If you had anything to actually criticise there you would, but instead you have resorted to two yr old insults. But having said that your life must be miserable to be this fixated on something some random hooker wrote back at you. Would love to spend another great time with you. Do you even know what we do? The marital honour of going to sleep unfinished as you fall asleep snoring while we get to sleeping in the fucking wet patch?